Jaime Valls Vigil

Jaime Valls en Goban

I am a game designer, professor and producer. I have a passion for video games and a high awareness of player behaviours which allows me to foresee issues at the idea stage. My skills allow me to develop and understand all phases in the creation of games. I prepare high quality Game Design Documents needed for the programmers and artists. I understand Game balancing, combat systems, metrics, game economy, monetisation, interfaces, cameras and controls.

The knowledge that I bring to game design is a solid understanding of animation fundamentals and visual narrative, giving a more impressive experience for the players.

I have a range of experience in different areas including high and low polygon modelling, UVs, bump, specular, normal, lighting and rendering.

I am confident using multiple software packages such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Sculptris, Zbrush, Blender, Photoshop, Gimp, Fusion, Premiere, After Effects, Sony Vegas.

I love responsibility as it motivates me to give my best. I enjoy working as part of a team in an agile environment and enjoy solving problems through discussion and sharing ideas. I thrive when faced with new challenges, and always keep a positive attitude. In all of my roles, I aim to learn and improve my skills as much as I can.