Jaime Valls Vigil

Jaime Valls en Goban

I'm a game designer, professor and producer. My skills allow me to develop and understand all phases in the creation of a videogame. Preparing all of Game Design Documents needed for the programmers and artists. Game balancing, combat system, metrics, game economy, monetization, interfaces, cameras, controls...

Also, the knowledge that I bring to the project is a solid understanding of animation fundamentals and visual narrative, getting more impressive experience for the consumers.

The breadth of my experience includes solid knowledge about high and low polygon modeling, UVs, bump, specular, normal, lighting, rendering ... Furthermore, I got a passion for the video games with a really awesome capacity to get an easy understanding of the whole game. That let me help and give solutions to any problem.

During my training, I practiced multiple tools ... Unity, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Sculptris, Zbrush, Blender, Photoshop, Gimp, Fusion, Premiere, After Affects, Sony Vegas, UDK ...

I love responsibility since it motivates me to give my best. I'm very wonted to teamwork. I'm used to listening to my mates and always try to help them to solve their problems. I am not afraid of new challenges, I am always with a positive attitude, trying to learn and improve my skills as much as I can.